Southeast Asian University Consortium for Graduate Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC)

Central Luzon State University campusEstablished as an agricultural school in 1924, the institution then converted into an agricultural high school. In 1960, it was converted into an agricultural college and then state college of agriculture in 1974 until it became a state university in the year 2000.

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VSU is located in Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines

Strategic Strengths:

VSU hosts 11 research centers intended for research and graduate studies. This includes two (2) national centers: Philippine Rootcrop Research and Training Center and the National Abaca Research Center; three (3) regional centers: National Coconut Research Center – Visayas, Regional Climate Change Research and Dev. Center, and Philippine Carabao Center – Visayas; Six (6) institutional centers: Ecological Farm Resource Management Institute, Institute of Strategic Research and Developmental Studies, Institute of Tropical Ecology and Environmental Management, Renewable Energy Research Center, Advanced Research and Innovation Center, Visayas Socio-Economic Research and Data Analytics Center.

VSU is awarded by the Commission of Higher Education of the Philippines as Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering and Center for Development in Development Communication. The VSU-Main Campus has a total land area of 1,099.4 hectares that extends from the shore of Camotes Sea to the top of Mt. Pangasugan. Thirty-eight percent of its total area is devoted to research, experimental, and production sites while fifty-two percent covers the VSU forest reserved.


VSU houses 8 strong colleges: College of Agriculture and Food Science, College of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, College of Education, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Engineering and Technology, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Management and Economics, and College of Nursing. VSU also has 4 component colleges in Tolosa, Alang-alang, Villaba, and Isabel, Leyte, Philippines.

Study Programs:

VSU's banner program in agriculture and forestry have expanded to biological, engineering, information and technology, nursing, biotechnology, and social science disciplines. Currently, the university offers 30 undergraduate courses, 2 diploma courses, 2 certificate courses, 5 Ph.D. courses, and 32 master degrees.

Student Population:

VSU has an average of 7,600 student population.

Faculty Strength:

The VSU System is composed of 589 faculty members. Seventy-three percent hold graduate degrees. Faculty and staff performed instruction, research and extension activities. There are 178 members of the graduate faculty for advanced education.

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