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Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) campusThe Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) or Bogor Agricultural University is an excellent agricultural science-based university in Indonesia.

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IPB is located in Bogor, about 60 km from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Strategic Strength:

IPB offers innovative programs in education and research with wide-ranging support services and resources for both undergraduate and graduate programs, which are focused on the advancement of research in agriculture and life sciences in the tropics. 


IPB currently consists of 8 Faculties, 36 Departments including one department providing General Basic Courses for first year students.

Study Programs:

IPB offers 141 study programs (30 diploma, 39 BS, 46 MS, and 26 PhD) in agricultural sciences, socioeconomic sciences, natural and environmental sciences, marine sciences, mathematics, computer sciences, and information services.

Student Population:

IPB has a total student population of 24,946 (6,719 diploma, 14,647 BS, 2,448 MS, 1,222 PhD) (as of July 2004).

Faculty Strength:

IPB has 1,277 lecturers (854 male, 423 female), including 119 professors. The majority (1,097 or 86%) of IPB lecturers hold graduate degrees.

Research Institute Complement:

In line with its research-based philosophy, IPB has established the Institute of Research and Community Empowerment, which coordinates 19 research centers, 5 community empowerment centers and 3 working groups.

In addition, IPB maintains five Functional Centers charged with improving the quality of graduate programs.

Administrative Support Units:

IPB possesses a number of supporting units such as the central library, which boasts a 116.429-volume collection of books and electronic information. IPB owns land assets totaling 559.1 ha, including 262.1 ha and campus grounds of 297 ha. IPB has also held an Education Forest for 140.300 ha since 1999. in addition IPB maintain 8 student dormitories for up to 2.109 students.

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