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National Taiwan University (NTU) campusNational Taiwan University is one of the top comprehensive and research-oriented universities in Taiwan.

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Location: NTU is located in the center of the capital city Taipei in Taiwan.
Strategic Strength: NTU acts as a comprehensive institute that is based on a complete and integrated academic foundation, providing a diverse, competitive, and international curriculum while insisting on a strong academic training for cutting-edge research and development. NTU is also one of the world's preeminent research and education institutes that provides leadership and academic excellence in a wide array of disciplines.
Study Programs: NTU consists of 11 colleges, 56 departments, 112 graduate institutes. NTU's programs cover a wide array of disciplines across science, arts, and the humanities, with up to 8,000 courses made available for selection each semester.
Student Population: The total number of students, including those enrolled at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, has grown to over 32,000, including over 17,000 university students and 15,000 graduate students. (as of 9 July 2018)
Faculty Strength: NTU has more than 2,500 faculty, of whom more than 350 are foreign lecturers. Among the faculty members, 1,173 are professors, whereas more than 480 are associate professors, more than 360 are assistant professors, and the rest are lecturers and teaching assistants.
Research Institute Complement: NTU covers a wide range of research institutes at four levels (international research, national, university, and college levels). There are four international research centers, six national research centers, and fifty college level research centers.
Administrative Support Units: NTU has an abundance of administrative resources provided to all the students, faculty, and staff to use. NTU Main Library alone already has a collection of more than 5 million books (including electronic ones) whereas other colleges also have their own libraries. In addition to academic assistance and service, NTU's Student Counseling Center also provides a variety of mental health services to all NTU students. For international students, NTU's dormitory can accommodate most non-degree and degree international students who study and live at NTU.

Established in August 2021, NTU's International College has launched five cross-disciplinary, problem-solving-based English-taught programs, covering fields across agriculture, biology, medicine, information technology, disaster management, and semiconductors, leveraging Taiwan's distinct features and advancements. The programs are designed to address critical global issues and nurture students' ability to tackle real-world challenges through resourceful learning environments and industry internships, ensuring students are well-equipped for future careers.

NTU-SEARCA Joint Scholarship in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science

NTU Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS)

The Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS) is a completely English interdisciplinary program provided by the International College of National Taiwan University. In this program, students are able to gain a deep understanding of:

  1. Smart Farming Technology;
  2. Genome Science Research; and
  3. Breeding Science and Technology.


The application for the 2024 Fall Intake ends on 19 February. If you have questions regarding curriculum, admissions, or financial aid, contact Ms. Tsai or book an online meeting with the admissions coordinator.

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