Southeast Asian University Consortium for Graduate Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC)

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State university (Quota and Admissions system) under the Commission on Higher Education (Ministry of Education)


Sansai District, Chiang Mai Province (Upper Northern Region)

Total area:

2,268 hectares divided into:

3 campuses:

  • Main campus (128 has/800 rai) and Wat Wiwek sub-campus (73 has)
    Ban Pong Royal Project (770 has)
    MJU Farm (427 has)
  • Phrae campus (377 has/2,357 rai)
  • Chumphon campus (321 has/2,004 rai

Highland Development Stations (5 sites):

  • Sa Ngo (25 has)
  • Mae Poon Luang (19 has)
  • Mae Sa Mai (19 has)
  • ThungLuang (40 has)
  • Mok Jam (8.3 has)

Faculties/Schools (15):

  1. Administrative Studies
  2. Agricultural Production
  3. Animal Science & Technology
  4. Architecture & Environmental Design
  5. Business Administration School
  6. Economics
  7. Engineering & Agro-Industry
  8. Fisheries Technology and Aquatic Resources
  9. Information and Communication
  10. Liberal Arts
  11. Renewable Energy
  12. Science
  13. Tourism Development
  14. Graduate School
  15. International College


Our philosophy is to focus on the development of graduates who possess wisdom, persistence, perseverance and moral integrity for the prosperity of Thai people in an agriculture-based society.


Our vision is to be an internationally recognized leading university in agricultural excellence.


Maejo University logoInside a ring with Maejo University written in both Thai and English, the logo depicts Thailand's symbol of agriculture Phra Phirune, the lord of rain, mounted on a naga (in Sanskrit, which means snake is associated with water and fluid energy, and can assure fertility of crops and environment). This symbol may be seen as a fountain.

Core Values:

The five letters of the alphabet from the name of university "MAEJO" represent five principles of Maejo University's faculties, staff and students.

  • M = Mindfulness
  • A = Aspiration
  • E = Excellence
  • J = Justice
  • O = Origin

DNA Identity:

As Maejo University's (MJU) personnel and students, everyone in MJU is expected to possess the following qualifications which are considered as the DNA identity:

  1. Expertise in agriculture of the upper Northern region and highland farming areas
  2. Local wisdom
  3. Agricultural resources
  4. Identity and individuality of the university
  5. Expertise of university personnel
  6. Diverse disciplinary knowledge
  7. Local agricultural culture of friendliness, trust, and hospitality
  8. Unity and close-knit alumni networks


Click to download the Maejo University brochureClick to download the Maejo University brochure

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